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RAD-3600F/12 – 300mm Fully Automatic LC Tape Laminator

1. LC Tape laminator
This is an optimal system realized to meet the property of the backside coating tape (LC Tape), which is used in Flip Chip packaging.

2. High-precision tape lamination attained
By applying LINTEC's unique lamination mechanism, high-precision tape lamination without voids has been achieved.

3. Internal tape pre-cutting mechanism
The internal tape pre-cutting mechanism cuts the tape to wafer size prior to lamination, preventing potential wafer edge damage caused by the cutter after lamination.

  • Host communication function
  • (communication format: conforms to SECS-I and HSMS/Software: conforms to GEM)
  • Double cassette loading
  • Wafer ID reader

RAD-2600F/12 (300mm Fully-Automatic Remounter)

1.Fully-automatic wafer remounter
RAD-2600F/12 is a revolutionary new concept developed by LINTEC Corporation.
The fully-automatic wafer remounter was developed to safely remount wafers
on a ring-frame.

2. Remounting process
The workpiece (wafer on tape and ring-frame) is loaded to RAD-2600F/12. In the first step, the workpiece is UV irradiated and aligned by use of a high-tech camera system.
Afterwards, the workpiece is transferred to the attachment table where the cutting process is performed. Once the cutting of the initially mounted tape is completed, the ring-frame is removed and a new tape is mounted on the wafer. In the last step, the initially mounted tape is peeled off. After wafer-ID reading and barcode labeling, the remounted workpiece is unloaded to the frame-cassette.

Using this method, even the most fragile material can be safely handled without contact to or damage of critical wafer-structures. In particular, several specific features of
RAD-2600F/12 contribute to achieving the most secure wafer processing:
• Tape cutting with a high precision 6-axis robot
• Wafer-remounting on only one table - no transfer between tape cutting and
mounting unit
• Camera alignment function available in several modes (frame only, wafer
centering only, wafer centering with V-notch orientation, pattern alignment)
• Mounting accuracy measurement system
• 300 mm and 200 mm frame handling, double-robot without end-effector change
• Supporting wafer thicknesses down to 40μm before or after die singulation
(suitable for standard dicing, DBG, SDBG and PDBG)

  • Host Communication Function (Communication Format:Conforms to SECS-I and HSMS/ Software:Conforms to GEM)
  • Dicing Tape In-Line Pre-Cutting
  • Vision System (Wafer ID Reader & Barcode Attachment System)