Cutting-Edge advanced lamination system for thin wafer to achieve tension free Back Grinding Tape lamination.

RAD-3520F/12 (300mm Fully-Automatic BG Tape Laminator)

1. Unique tape lamination format
This laminator is mounted with the very latest TTC* system (patent registered) for preventing bow or damage to ultra-thin wafers. Capable of high precision tension control during tape lamination, the equipment substantially reduces residual stress to thin wafers after back grinding.

2. Use of a multi-joint robotic arm
Features a multi-joint robotic arm (patent application completed) for wafer handling and tape cutting within the laminator. In tape cutting, a high precision cutting surface is obtained through accurate control of cutter angles, with no problems during back grinding.

3. High operability realized
A high degree of operability is realized through improvements in the functions on the dialogue-type touch panel located on the front of the equipment. Each type of lamination condition can be set. *TTC (Tape Tension Control) System : The TTC is a cutting-edge system, in which a microcomputer controls tape tension. It enables the tape to be laminated according to the tape type and back-end processing conditions. On the fully-automatic type, tape application torque and torque curve can be set and registered with the equipment's touch screen.

  • Host communication function (communication format: conforms to SECS-I and HSMS/Software: conforms to GEM)
  • Double cassette loading
  • Wafer box loading
  • Wafer ID reader
  • Special Modification for 4&6inch capability
  • Hand Barcode Reader
  • UPH: 70 wafers/hour (100 wafers/hour with high-speed specification)