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LINTEC Advanced Technologies (Europe) GmbH was originally established in July 2001 as the Representative Office of LINTEC Corporations Advanced Materials Operations, located in Tokyo, Japan. It joined the many other branches all over the world and served as the main communicating and coordinating channels for the semiconductor related companies in Europe, Middle-East, Russia and African countries.

Foreseeing the situation of a fast growing market, locally and globally, the Representative Office decided that it would be in a better position to provide customers with more prompt and efficient services if the office were to operate as a local channel with its own sales and technical service team. Hence LINTEC Advanced Technologies (Europe) GmbH was locally incorporated on 1st October 2003 as a wholly owned subsidiary of LINTEC JAPAN.

From its modest beginnings in its early years, LINTEC Advanced Technologies (Europe) GmbH has expanded rapidly. In order to support the great and important needs of our esteemed clientele the decision was made to open a second branch office in Israel in the year 2009.

LINTEC Advanced Technologies (Europe) GmbH specializes in proprietary semiconductor manufacturing related products, called Adwill. These include a wide array of product lines featuring high-function adhesive tapes such as Non UV and UV dicing tape, BG surface protective tape, and die attach specialty films. Lintec is also the industry leader in Wafer Mounting Systems and UV Irradiation Systems.

A leader in providing technical innovation, LINTEC Advanced Technologies (Europe) GmbH offers solution to our customers that continue to push the envelope for performance and reliability. LINTEC Global Website

LINTEC Corporation

Company Name: LINTEC Corporation
Head Office: 23-23, Honcho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-0001, Japan
Established: October 15, 1934
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